I find that photographing weddings involves quite a varied skill set. Capturing details, shooting portraits, photojournalism and party photography. Here are some photographs of the wedding items from Lauren and Kyle’s wedding.

The setting where the bride and groom were getting ready provided some great backdrops to photograph important wedding items like the bride’s dress, shoes, flowers and jewellery. Having these often small but important items photographed creatively is essential as it provides context to the wedding. Most of the time the items also have a special importance, such as the cuff-links did for Kyle. Photographing things like the wedding cake and meals is important as well even though the bride and groom, and most likely all of the other guests will also have taken photos of them too. As the wedding photographer you can take your time and come up with some interesting angles to present the food in a more engaging manner. Having photographs of these details also allows the album or photobook that is being delivered to the client to truly show all aspects of the wedding and to trigger memories for the bride and groom in years to come.

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