Weddings are unlike other events. Despite everything, the most successful weddings are those that reflect the couple. If a wedding reflects the personalities of the couple they have a much better chance of success and be remembered as good events. When couples are pressured or feel obligated to do certain things is when a wedding can become stiff and awkward. This is especially true of the wedding photographs. As a photographer it is important to try to make the subjects feel comfortable, both through putting people in comfortable situations and comfortable poses. This wedding was a great example of how a wedding can be a great success at a non-traditional venue like a neighbourhood pub.

Liz and Aaron are both very relaxed people and so the venue really suited their style. ItĀ also helped that the pub had a significance for them which made it special. They were both very relaxed and comfortable which made for some lovely natural photographs. The guests were also enjoying themselves which made it into a very fun event and a pleasure to photograph.

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